Friday, May 25, 2012

Airis's Progress Checklist

Ekceli ai dptkan checklist ni dr blogger link blog amal,mohon share ye..

1 Mo ~ responds to sound (checked)
         ~ lift head (checked)
2 Mos ~ makes cooing sounds (checked)
           ~ holds head up for short periods (checked)
3 Mos ~ laughs (checked)
           ~ holds head steadily (checked)
4 Mos ~ coos when talked to (checked)
           ~ holds head steadily (checked)
5 Mos ~ amuses self with hands (checked)
           ~ can roll over (checked)
6 Mos ~ rolls in both direction (checked)
           ~ turns toward sounds(checked)
7 Mos ~ sits without support (checked)
           ~ imitates speech sounds (checked)
8 Mos ~ says 'dada' n 'mama' (checked)
           ~ begin to crawl (checked)
9 Mos ~ stands if holding into something
           ~ combines syllables into wordlike sounds (checked)
10 Mos ~ crawl well
             ~ waves goodbye (in progress)
             ~ picks things up with pincer grasp (in progress)
11 Mos ~ stands alone for a couple of second
             ~ plays pretty-cake
12 Mos ~ jabbers wordlike sounds
             ~ indicate wants with gestures
My little Airis is just 7 months old but she shows a bit fast progress...alhamdulillah,hopefully everything will always be great for her..


  1. salam perkenalan mama airis..
    i pun mama airis gak..
    maklumlah name anak i pn airis..
    nway..thanks follow my blog..
    n i'll follow u too...

  2. salam azza,kebetulan nama sama n tarikh lahir pn lebih kurang je kn..glad to know about u n airis too :)