Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby's First Year Book ...jom beli

Sory ye kawan2,ai ni bukanlah dealer atau penjual buku as mentioned above..juz wanna share with u moms out-there..mst ramai yg dh tau pasal buku ni bg sape yg berminat bolehla beli buku ni pd harga diskaun skg..ekceli ai pn got dis from sum1,where we can buy a coupon for discount..retail rrice is rm49.95 ..but if we use this coupon we only have to pay for 25%..what a deal..jomla kite beli ramai2..sedikit review psl buku ni..

~Book size: 12" x 10"
~Printed on high quality papers
~Contents are more relevant to Malaysian / Asian cultures
~Plenty of space for your favorite photos and details
~Includes a page for you to dedicate the book to a designated recipient, making it an ideal baby shower / newborn gift
~Contents include "When I was in the tummy", "How I got my name", "My family tree", "My 1st festive celebration", and many more

so pada sape yg nk beli dgn rege RM37.50 bolehla beli kt sini
Sekian,sharing is caring (^_^)


  1. yun pn tergode tgk milk a deal tu...aishh...tgn da gatal nk beli..hehehe

  2. hehe ayda dh beli coupon tu,xsabar tgu buku tu sampai..nk kena recall balik la kejadian 5bulan yg lalu,nk titip dlm diary tu hehe