Thursday, June 24, 2010

1st entry in 2010

HOHOHO lame betol xmenulis dlm blog nieh..igt nk kuburkan cm2 je tp syg lak rsnye..ekceli my solemnization is about 4months to go..but nothing seems ready yet :(
my fiance just too busy to come back and manage all things regarding our pity me...its not that i cant do it all by myself but i guess im too depending on him in making decision..eventho its all for my sides but i still need his permission and aggreement..haha such a isteri solehah to-be..hihihi..

lately im always surfing net for deco' ideas..on the latest pelamin, hantaran, etc..then i realize that im not prepared any yet!!!!goshhh >_<

but i found 1 pelamin that really catching my eyes..and the hantaran deco,really amazing (in my opinion)..see..chantek x???

owh by the way,my fav theme will be red+white (both my fav colors)..nk kua survey butik lak pasni..luckily mr R nk balek next weekend,leh g ngn dia :)

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